Interested in Competitive Intelligence qualifications. We are faculty members of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence offering  Accredited CI & MI training

Who we are

AWARE was founded in 1995 by Arthur Weiss. Since 1995, the company has grown and now has an international reputation within the Competitive & Marketing Intelligence community, and are recognised as global experts.

What we do

Our mission is to help organisations become the best

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To become the best does not mean copying what competitors are doing today, or did yesterday. You need creativity and innovation – anticipating tomorrow’s trends before they become today’s normality – keeping several steps ahead of competitors.

To outwit your competitors you need to know what they are doing.

To outmanoeuvre them, you need to know in which direction they are going.

To outflank them, you need to be faster, and better so that you can overtake them, keep in front of them, and be the best.

Our ExperienceOur People & Partners
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