Interested in Competitive Intelligence qualifications. We are faculty members of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence offering  Accredited CI & MI training

Our People

AWARE uses a large team of independent researchers that we call upon as and when the need arises. In this way we are easily able to conduct any size project and at the same time keep our overhead costs (and what we charge our clients) down.

We can also guarantee that you will get an objective viewpoint as by using independent researchers, we can protect your identity and ensure that there are no preconceptions regarding your research needs.

AWARE works closely with a number of affiliated companies in North America, mainland Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, etc.

Arthur Weiss – AWARE’s Founder & Managing Director

Arthur Weiss Background: Marketing Strategy.
Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy, Marketing Planning, Financial Analysis. Online Information Industry.
CI Skills: Extensive Knowledge of Information Sources, Interview/Elicitation Skills, Primary & Secondary Research, CI Training gathered over 25 years.
Publications: Croner’s Marketing (General Editor), Papers and Articles on CI, Marketing, and the Internet.
Academic Positions: Lecturer / Guest Lecturer in Marketing Research / Competitive Intelligence at University of West London, DeMontfort University and University of Brighton.
Other: BSc (Biochemistry), MBA, CIM Chartered Marketer, International Speaker on Competitive Intelligence Issues, NLP Practitioner.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Effective CI requires local knowledge of culture, language and slang, geography, information sources, political and economic situation, customs and so on for each country in which the competitor operates.

AWARE has linked with a number of other CI and marketing consultancies, giving you access to local CI expertise. This way, we can provide a truly global service where your project or research is handled by in-country experts, and not remotely from several thousand miles away.

Partner companies include companies throughout Europe,  Africa, North America, Latin America, Israel… For example:

In-depth and face-to-face interviewing cannot be done remotely. It requires a local presence, with interviewers familiar with the business customs and hot-topics within the country and with an ability to speak the native language. Don’t believe anybody who tells you otherwise!

One can do research remotely using international telephone and video calls, or by flying to the foreign destination for on-the-ground research. However you risk getting poor results. A researcher unfamiliar with the local culture is likely to miss nuances resulting in incomplete intelligence or worse, a wrong interpretation of the information collected. You also end up paying for the so-called expert’s travel expenses, and learning curve while they find their way around. Working with AWARE helps you avoid this as we always work with local experts for international research.

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