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Adapt to change and it's an opportunity.
Ignore or fail to adapt and, change becomes a serious threat to your business future.

To adapt, you need to be flexible - almost a jack-of-all-trades. Expertise is important but often the expert fails to see change outside their specialist area - and so in an ideal organisation you need people who are multi-skilled, and able to see the big picture or the aerial view, as well as the people who are specialists and focus on detail.

The generalist can take an overview of the landscape and spot the enemy on the horizon or the change that's encroaching. However they won't have the detailed insight to come up with a workable solution. That's the role of the expert - who sees the detail and all its ramifications. As the expert can't take the wide view, they often won't spot the problem - but are key to the solution.

Does your company encourage both generalists and experts? Do you appreciate the skills of "out-of-the-box" thinkers and those that have an interest in lots of areas, or do you only value those with a deep expertise in your area of work?

If there was a radical change from outside your industry would you see it before it impacted you, or only react after it had passed you by?

The truly adaptive corporation encourages both skillsets - that of the generalist and that of the specialist. It's why they are the companies that succeed and overtake their rivals.

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