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Research & Critical Thinking in a Post-Fact World. A lecture by Dr Dan Russel of Google on what is truth, what is reality and how do we know what is credible or not.

Some fabulous examples - including fake information from the Library of Congress, and how we aren't teaching critical thinking properly (plus tips on search and more).

Essential viewing - even though it's a 24 minute video. He gives some frightening examples where people accept and assume knowledge that can't be true. If we can't evaluate information properly, how can we tell what is real and what is fake. (One of my favourite examples is of how a US City Council saw the website and believed it so banned DHMO being supplied!)

Unfortunately not all slides clear - but it doesn't matter. It's what Dan Russell says - not his visuals.Research & Critical Thinking in a Post-Fact World Dr. Dan Russell, Uber Tech Lead, Search Quality & User Happiness, Google
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