Competition or Co-operation? Collaborate & Co-operate to build and not to destroy.

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Competition – or Cooperation? When companies merge, or when one company acquires another, the aim is to integrate the two into one unified entity as quickly as possible. The problem is that often, this doesn’t happen. There is competition, resentment and rivalry and the two fail to unite. The problem is how to prevent this so that there is a successful integration of the employees of the two companies so that they take pride in the new merged company.

Pluralistic Ignorance

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“Pluralistic Ignorance” is a phenomenon that prevents people questioning when they fail to understand something or disagree with an issue, but feel that they are the only ones doing so. It leads to “group-think” whereby a group of people fail to face up to false intelligence because they don’t wish to appear foolish by questioning it.

Testing perceptions – Myers-Briggs and false appearances

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is often used in recruitment and to analyse and assess individual personalities. Using such tests remotely is dangerous as often the perception gathered is based as much on one’s own personality type as on that of the target.

Great service leads to growth & profits – for Bettys, it’s a piece of cake!

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I recently visited a friend in Leeds – a major city in the North of England. On the Sunday, a group of us travelled the short distance from Leeds to Harrogate, a few miles away. Harrogate is a spa town – you can walk past the “Royal Pump Room” museum  and still smell the sulphur from the spring below. This is just one of several mineral wells containing iron, sulphur and other chemicals that made the town an attraction in the Victorian and earlier Georgian eras. As well as the spa, Harrogate also features the first Bettys Tea room. Bettys was founded in 1919 and has since grown to include a number of other tea rooms across Yorkshire. The family run company now also includes  Taylors of Harrogate, the tea and coffee merchants with brands including the best-selling Yorkshire Tea. Our visit to Harrogate included a visit to Bettys for morning …

Disagreements at the top

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The departures of Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs and Richard Brasher from Tesco both occurred in the same week. Smith’s departure letter accusing Goldman Sachs of being unethical had a touch of sour grapes about it. Brasher’s departure is more interesting as it suggests problems at the top of Tesco with disagreements over the company’s strategic direction.