Freedom of Speech, Abuse and Social Media

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Over the last year or so, social media sites have been attacked for allowing users to post abuse about other people onto their sites. Not stopping abuse using arguments about freedom of speech is ignoring the responsibilities that go with the right to freedom of speech.

Checking Facts: an Olympic Example of Ineptitude

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The failure to accurately name Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital and the placing of Israel in Europe are examples of a failure to check facts that are readily available. This failure gives political support to false propaganda that makes seeking a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict much harder.

Disagreements at the top

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The departures of Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs and Richard Brasher from Tesco both occurred in the same week. Smith’s departure letter accusing Goldman Sachs of being unethical had a touch of sour grapes about it. Brasher’s departure is more interesting as it suggests problems at the top of Tesco with disagreements over the company’s strategic direction.

Internet Explorer is for Dummies! Anatomy of a hoax.

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A news story suggesting that Internet Explorer users were stupid turned out to be a hoax. There is a lesson in this for competitive intelligence analysts as it shows how journalists are sometimes lazy – and don’t check stories. The general rule “If a headline sounds too good to be true, think twice” should be the motto when reading the news so as not to get caught out by false stories.

Gun smuggling, airline security and an intelligence failure.

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The arrest of Steven Greenoe for smuggling guns to the UK is an example of an intelligence failure – and shows the risk involved in lax security at some US airports, plus the paranoid emphasis on checking all passengers that can cause even an innocent passenger to act suspiciously. Steven Greenoe is yet another criminal opportunist who uses his work in security and competitive strategy to behave unethically/illegally in his business dealings.