Interested in Competitive Intelligence qualifications. We are faculty members of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence offering  Accredited CI & MI training

Competitive and Marketing Intelligence Resources

Resources-PeopleAWARE specialises in competitive & marketing intelligence and has the experience and knowledge to answer most questions on the topic. Finding simple answers to questions on

  • what is ethical,
  • information sources,
  • techniques and processes,
  • case studies showing how CI works in practice

and similar topics is not easy.

Part of  AWARE’s mission is to support marketing & competitive intelligence practitioners to discover the information they need for themselves. To enable this, we have made a number of resources available for both new and experienced practitioners. These include:

  • brief guide to competitive intelligence – an overview of the basic processes involved.
  • case studies, outlining projects carried out for clients (anonymised and with an interpretation on how the information was used or lessons learned).
  • white papers  & published articles  covering a range of topics including competitive intelligence for law professionals; a detailed review of the competitive intelligence process; searching globally for marketing & competitive intelligence; social networks as a source for competitive intelligence; M&A due diligence and CI; small business competitive intelligence; scenario planning; primary CI research; SWOT & PEST analysis; and several more.  We also include links to typical presentations, webinars and videos featuring AWARE personnel.
  • Recommended books covering competitive intelligence, strategy & analysis, marketing / market research and future planning.
Knowledge is of two kinds.
We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Samuel Johnson (Boswell's Life of Johnson)
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