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Competitor Analysis – A Brief Guide
The Basic Principles of Competitive Intelligence

This guide to competitive intelligence  and competitor analysis is by its nature, quite basic and is a summary and precursor to a more detailed article published in Business Information Review in June 2002. (You can download this from here). There are also many books on the subject – covering everything from finding information on competitors, to analysing the information and finally using it in business strategy. We list a number of titles on our recommended books pages – (for example the classic texts on strategy by Michael Porter – Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage).

We can also help you in most aspects of CI.  AWARE offers competitive/marketing intelligence training and competitive intelligence research and analysis so that you can learn how to do CI effectively yourself. However, enough of the preamble….

Collecting Information on competitors can be likened to prospecting for gold. Nuggets are a rarity. The prospector will need to sift through a lot of soil, to find the few grains of gold which make the task worthwhile. Occasionally, the prospector will even be tricked by iron pyrites – or “Fool’s gold”!

Similarly, some of what is collected on competitors will turn out to be useless. Sometimes the information may be completely wrong and lead the unaware on the wrong path. However with experience, this is less likely, as with the skilled gold prospector and “Fool’s gold”.

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