Zanran – a new data search engine

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Zanran is a new niche search tool focused on finding structured / numeric data on the web – from tables, graphs and charts. It offers a different approach for finding such information and so promises to be a useful addition to the armoury of search tools.

Google versus Bing – a competitive intelligence case study

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Google catches Bing red-handed via a counter-competitive intelligence sting operation showing how Bing uses some of Google’s results and uses them in their own result pages as part of the Bing Algorithm.

But it’s not google – Bing goes Live!

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Another long wait between entries – I really must update more often. However recent events in the Search world and in the CI world mean I have no choice but to update. My thoughts on recent changes at SCIP will have to wait till my next post. This post will look at Microsoft‘s replacement for Live and MSN Search – with its new Bing search engine. Searches at Live or MSN Search now redirect to I like the front-end – it’s clean and colourful. However I couldn’t find anywhere to change the front image – at least on the UK version that’s still in Beta.The US version does allow you to scroll back to previous images – with a little arrow option at the bottom of the right side of the screen. The US version also includes hot-spots describing aspects of the picture, plus a side-bar offering more search …