Freedom of Speech, Abuse and Social Media

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Over the last year or so, social media sites have been attacked for allowing users to post abuse about other people onto their sites. Not stopping abuse using arguments about freedom of speech is ignoring the responsibilities that go with the right to freedom of speech.

LinkedIn Letter

Social Media – networking to the future

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Online social media has grown enormously over the last few years. Nevertheless it is still just a way for people to contact each other. Although it facilitates friendships, business contacts and more, ultimately physical contact will remain more important.

Google versus Bing – a competitive intelligence case study

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Google catches Bing red-handed via a counter-competitive intelligence sting operation showing how Bing uses some of Google’s results and uses them in their own result pages as part of the Bing Algorithm.

The pursuit of justice and social media.

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A Facebook page honouring road crash victims may lead to the prosecution of the privileged perpetrator who caused the crash – who may otherwise have escaped. This is contrasted with the guilty verdict against Moshe Katsav of Israel and the importance of a corruption free justice system.

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics & Facebook

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I’ve been impressed with the numbers of people using social networking sites – and the importance of social networking for marketing has become significant over the last few years. Facebook claims 400 million users (i.e. nearly 6% of the global population that is approaching 7 billion people). I’ve always thought that this figure must include duplicate accounts – as I don’t believe that most people in China, India, Africa and many other areas of the world have Facebook accounts (or even computers – although the numbers are growing). The World Bank stated that there were just under 300m Internet users in China and 52m in India in 2008. (There’s a great graph of this at Google’s Public Data tool – that shows that in 2008 there were around 1.5bn web-users). Even taking account the exponential growth – let’s assume that web users globally are now over 2 billion  people – Facebook’s …