Google Carousel – a roundabout of images but not for all searches

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Google’s Carousel is a new feature, adding to Google’s Knowledge Graph search enhancement. The Carousel works with data collections giving a sequence of images. However it won’t be seen in all searches – either because there are too many connected items, or because Google can’t link the connections into a sequence.

Zanran – a new data search engine

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Zanran is a new niche search tool focused on finding structured / numeric data on the web – from tables, graphs and charts. It offers a different approach for finding such information and so promises to be a useful addition to the armoury of search tools.

Google versus Bing – a competitive intelligence case study

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Google catches Bing red-handed via a counter-competitive intelligence sting operation showing how Bing uses some of Google’s results and uses them in their own result pages as part of the Bing Algorithm.

Getting found on the web

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Good search engine optimisation looks at identifying the search terms users are likely to use. Many things have multiple names – a flash drive may be known by some as a memory stick. Good searching should also consider the same rules. Matt Cutts of Google describes both in a video on how to write a blog that can be found….

RIP Kartoo

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When I conduct training sessions on how to search I always emphasise that it’s more important to know how to find information rather than to depend on a small selection of key web-sites. Many searchers depend on their bookmark list but what happens when a key site disappears: if you don’t know how to search you are stuck. Searching isn’t just going to google and typing your query in the search box. Expert searching demands that you consider where the information you are looking for is likely to be held, and in what format. It requires the searcher to understand the search tools they use – how they work and their strengths and weaknesses. Such skills are crucial when key sites disappear as happened in January with the small French meta-search engine, Kartoo. Kartoo was innovative and presented results graphically. It enabled you to see links between terms and was …