Apple & disruptive innovation: 4 questions innovators need to ask before moving forward!

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Steve Jobs thought that most people live in a small box. “They think they can’t influence or change things a lot.” Jobs urged his staff to reject that philosophy as untrue. Disruptive innovation is seen by many companies as a threat to them – but not by Apple who are happy to embrace disruptive technologies. An interview with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in FastCompany magazine shows that things are not as simple – and this offers lessons for all companies looking at new technology. The key points are that Apple doesn’t go for every new technology. First they need to understand and have faith in the primary technology behind an innovation. They then consider two questions: What can Apple add to this – and will it be embraced by society or be seen as something positive. These are interesting questions as a new technology will only be disruptive when people …

Leave your comfort zone!

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The Ansoff Matrix helps companies to make marketing decisions on whether to develop their products, markets or to diversify. The process is similar to the commands given by God to Abraham in Genesis 12 where he is told to leave his country, family and home. Each has an element of risk – and only through accepting and taking such risks can success be guaranteed.