Interested in Competitive Intelligence qualifications. We are faculty members of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence offering  Accredited CI & MI training

Competitive & Marketing Intelligence Training Options

AWARE. specialises in in-house training covering all aspects of Competitive and Marketing Intelligence from the basics to advanced analysis. Unlike most public courses, which tend to be standardised and non-industry or skill specific, our courses are customised to your needs.

Public training courses are mostly offered through professional education organisations and our CEO, Arthur Weiss, has led CI/MI workshops worldwide. (Arthur is a faculty member of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence – leading the ICI course on Open Source Intelligence).

  • Standard competitive intelligence courses and workshops include:

    • Building a Competitive Intelligence Function
    • Competitive Intelligence Theory & Practice
    • Competitive Intelligence Techniques
    • Primary Research for CI (HUMINT)
    • Secondary / Online Research for CI (OSINT)
    • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Competitive Intelligence Communication & Reporting
    • War Game Organisation & Facilitation
  • Marketing intelligence courses and workshops include

    • Scenario Planning & Forecasting
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Planning for SMEs
    • Financial Analysis for Marketers / CI Analysts
    • Internet Research & Analysis (OSINT) for general researchers
    • Due Diligence research

The exact content for all courses and workshops will be discussed with you to make it appropriate for your markets and industry. Elements from each course can be taken to create a completely custom course matching your needs. Custom workshops also include war games options to help evaluate likely competitor strategies and to assess company blindspots.

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