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Strategy, Training, Analysis & Research Solutions

Gathering intelligence on competitors and the business environment is an essential part of business planning. Marketing & competitive intelligence should feed into all business strategy.

Our services are aimed at supporting you in this process – helping you maximise your profits and make your business the best in your industry. We categorise them using the abbreviation STAR – Strategy, Training, Analysis, Research.

Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Training

There’s an old saying: give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day but teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Part of our mission is to support companies of all sizes (from SME to multi-national) in their own efforts – by offering training workshops covering all aspects of competitive and marketing intelligence.  Training is customised to client needs via in-depth training workshops or one-on-one mentoring. Our training aims to help you discover how to best gather and use the intelligence needed for strategic decisions. We can also assist you in setting up a competitive intelligence function in your company.
Outsourcing business research is akin to giving a man a fish. Our training services aim to teach clients how to fish – for the intelligence they need to gain competitive advantage!

Competitive / Marketing Intelligence Research & Analysis

We offer a range of competitive and marketing intelligence strategy, research and analysis options including
  • due diligence
  • tradeshow & conference intelligence - gathering information that can give insights to competitor sales & marketing strategies
  • win-loss analysis – providing insights for customer acquisition / retention strategies
  • adhoc studies answering specific competitive or marketing intelligence questions
  • on-going monitoring, tracking and profiling of key competitors
  • qualitative B2B marketing and competitive intelligence research
  • war-game organisation and facilitation – supporting strategy assessment and evaluation and more.

We will work with you to help you uncover the intelligence needed for your business decisions

Competitive & Marketing Intelligence Training Options

AWARE specialises in in-house training covering all aspects of Competitive and Marketing Intelligence from the basics to advanced analysis. Unlike most public courses, which tend to be standardised and non-industry or skill specific, our courses are customised to your needs.

  • Due Diligence Research.
  • In-depth competitive intelligence & market research aimed at answering specific questions about a competitor, market or industry.
  • Company Profiling to give you a full picture on a target company: strengths, weaknesses, strategies, background, people, etc.
  • Key person intelligence - profiling senior managers to understand their management approach.
  • Trade-Show Intelligence - gathering information at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Competitor & Product / Service benchmarking.
  • Win-Loss Analysis providing detailed information on lost sales and why sales are won.
  • Competitor Monitoring & Industry Tracking.
  • Advising on strategic approaches to the market – including how markets may change (via scenario planning and war game exercises).
  • Setting up a CI Function.
  • Counter-Intelligence – checking for intelligence weaknesses, information leaks or even suspected fraud.