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Competitive and Marketing Intelligence Resources

AWARE specialises in competitive & marketing intelligence and has the experience and knowledge to answer most questions on the topic. Finding simple answers to questions on


  • what is ethical
  • information sources
  • techniques and processes
  • case studies showing how CI works in practice


and similar topics is not easy.


Part of AWARE’s mission is to support marketing & competitive intelligence practitioners to discover the information they need for themselves. To enable this, we have made a number of resources available for both new and experienced practitioners.

Presentations, Articles and Videos

Covering a range of topics for example:

  • a detailed review of the competitive intelligence process;
  • searching globally for marketing & competitive intelligence;
  • social networks as a source for competitive intelligence;
  • M&A due diligence and CI;
  • primary CI research;
  • competitive intelligence for law professionals;
  • small business competitive intelligence;
  • scenario planning;
  • SWOT & PEST analysis;

and several more.

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